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ARV Postcard Redesign Project

New ARV Logo Old ARV Logo

What I do

I am the Student Web and Content Editor in the Office of Admissions at James Madison University. I make edits to the JMU admissions website through the Cascade content management system, update mass email files and send out recruiter visitation alerts via Cappex, package together information packets to send to middle schools and high schools, scan transcripts, and do other admissions work that is necessary.

I have completed a postcard redesign project for the Admissions Recruitment Volunteers. For this project, I redesigned the logo, editing the slogan, changed the image on the front, and reformatted the information on the back of the card. The new logo and materials will be released next year as they are in the process of being approved. The logo will be printed on stickers and other materials such as water bottles, string back packs, and  notebooks to give to JMU alumni.

What is ARV?

The Admissions Recruitment Volunteers are a group of representatives who attend college programs and college fairs throughout the world on behalf of JMU. The card focuses on recruiting these volunteers, which are normally JMU alumni. 

Proudly Assisting & Welcoming Students

What I do

I am the secretary and recruitment chair for PAWS, through the Office of Admissions. I manage the general member roster, send email updates once every week, communicate permanent information to the advisory council and general body, and recruit new members for the organization.

I have recently redesigned the PAWS logo for the organization to make it look more professional. The new logo will be printed on polos and quarter-zip sweatshirts. The apparel will be given to our volunteers to wear during JMU’s Large Visitation Days, Open Houses, Choices, and Wednesday’s at Madison.

What is PAWS?

PAWS is a group of JMU students who volunteer with the Office of Admissions throughout the year. The campus visit plays an essential role for prospective students and contributes to the perceptions that are created about our campus. We as students and PAWS members are committed to providing visiting families with information to create a more engaged, personal visit to campus. We believe that everyone visiting JMU should have the best experience possible. Go Dukes! 

Old PAWS Logo

New PAWS Logo

PAWS Logo Drafting Process

James Madison Undergraduate (JMURJ)   Research Journal

JMURJ Website Redesign via Cascade

JMURJ Website Redesign

JMURJ Web Banners

jmurj web banners

JMURJ Homepage Layout


What I do

I am the Marketing and Design Head for JMURJ, the James Madison Undergraduate Research Journal. We strive to promote, publish, and student Undergraduate research at James Madison University.

As the Head Designer, I oversee and manage a team of 4 designers. I assign each person a task, help brainstorm ideas, and make sure the established branding guidelines are being followed. I, along with the team, designed marketing materials such as posters, stickers, and brochures via Illustrator for promotional purposes in addition to creating, publishing, and printing the 2018 – 2019 JMURJ Volume 6.

One of my challenges I decided to take on was redesigning the entire JMURJ Website via Cascade (a content management system).

This included making the 4 cover images on the home page carousel in Illustrator, adding pictures to the site, creating buttons and the header bars, and repositioning the content. Everything seen on the site, except for the written content and the images that are not from 2018, was created by me.

Interested in seeing the site redesign? Check out my Digital Section!

Catholic Campus Ministries

What I do

I am on the Communications Committee for Catholic Campus Ministries. I help the ministry create posters, fliers, stickers, and cards to help spread the word about any upcoming events. This ranges from social gatherings, to guest speakers, to promoting the ministry using visuals.

I designed this years 2018 ministry t-shirt, which was handed out to parents and students registered for Catholic Campus Ministries. It’s exciting to see my design being worn everyday by people on campus!

See my Graphic Section for some of my other work with Catholic Campus Ministries!

In addition, I redesigned the entire JMU Catholic Campus Ministries Website via eCatholic (a content management system).

This project entailed creating a site map, wireframes, rearranging written content, finding new images taken by our students along with free stock photos, creating buttons, a favicon, and social media icons for the site. I created branding guidelines to follow and used my HTML and CSS skills to style the site accordingly. The logo was also designed by me and was the 2018 – 2019 CCM t-shirt design for this year. Everything seen on the site, except for the written content, was created by me.

Interested in seeing the site redesign? Check out my Digital Section!

Old CCM Logo

New CCM Logo

CCM 2018-2019 T-shirt Design

CCM Website Redesign via eCatholic

catholic campus ministries website redesign

Heather Chesky Photography

What I do

I was the Virtual Assistant at Heather Chesky Photography from March 2018 – January 2019. I essentially helped Heather run her six figure photography business.

My job consisted of updating the blog on her website via WordPress at heathercheskyphotography.com, creating Youtube thumbnail covers using Photoshop, managing her Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), designing & sending out digital Christmas, birthday, anniversary, and thank you cards for clients via Photoshop.

Blog Posts I Created via WordPress

Student Mentor

What I do

I am a student mentor on James Madison Universitiy’s Platform, JMYou. I generate discussion topics, answer questions, and message prospective and admitted students about JMU.

What is JMYou?

JMYou is a platform for prospective and admitted students to find out more information about James Madison University. This platform articulates pertinent information about what to expect, what to bring, and gives prospective and admitted students a chance to become a part of the community even before they arrive. The student mentors strive to tell students about what to expect, what college life can be like, and we are here to help them through this life changing transition. The platform also gives students a chance to read articles and message student mentors about JMU!

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient

I received my Girl Scout Gold Award my Senior year of High School in 2015. At a young age I strived to make an impact in my community and took initiative by educating underprivileged children about the performing arts since they did not have much exposure to it prior.

For the project, which consisted of over 80 hours of community service, I choreographed songs and taught vocals at a dance camp for 2 months. The goal was to inspire these children to continue to partake in the performing arts when they got older. 

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