College Compass Ux/Ui Design Project

UX / Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

For a full semester, I worked on wire framing, user interviews, user research, user personas, visual design, usability testing, high and low fidelity prototyping, and research analysis for our project, College Compass. I collaborated with Sara Willi, another SMAD major, on the project. Our app focused on the idea that the majority of freshmen come into college not a hundred percent sure what major they would like to pursue or what career path they want to follow in the future. 

The Purpose of Our App

Is to help first year college students find a major and career that is right for them through a Briggs Myers quiz and a Word Scramble, resulting in a personality analysis.

Design Problem Statement

College freshman need to decide upon a major in order to figure out a career path because it will lead them to employment and future career goals.

This is a brief overview of all the pages we made for our app. Interact with College Compass by clicking the High or Low Fidelity Prototype buttons below to see more! 

User Research Presentation

Scroll to see the user research process or click here to view it in full.

High & Low Fidelity Prototypes

Interact with College Compass by clicking the High or Low Fidelity Prototype buttons below!

Press play to see the prototype in use!

The Final Report of College Compass consists of:

  1. The Design Problem Statement

  2. The Research Process: user research, personas, scenario, storyboards, and design requirements

  3. The Design Solutions: sketches, paper/low/high prototyping, and usability testing.

Scroll to see the Final Report or click here to view it.


Upon completion of this project in our User Interaction Design class, SMAD 317, we successfully created both low and high-fidelity prototypes based on our initial ideas regarding college freshmen selecting a major and future career path. We designed our mobile app to be easy and accessible, thus keeping the information all in one place. Our app, College Compass, is user friendly with few interactions and pages to navigate. The design backgrounds of the app were based on types of landscapes because it is all about finding your place in the world and exploring all sorts of career paths and majors. College Compass effortlessly provides freshmen in college with the opportunity to find a career and major without wasting a substantial amount of time.