ATPCO Internal Communication Site Design

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I built an internal company website via Sharepoint for ATPCO internal communication purposes this summer. All pages and graphics on the site were created by me. 

About Skylines

Since this is an internal company website, I cannot provide access to the site; however, I will discuss what went into the making of Skylines

The main navigation included: ATPCO News (with dropdown secondary nav), Articles, Events, Employee Highlights, and ATPCO Share your story! 

“ATPCO News” featured external news that the employee’s of the company would be interested in knowing about. 

“Articles” showed the pages of the pervious Skylines site and how the company is evolving and progressing forward. It featured a statement from the CEO of the company too.

“Events” portrayed what upcoming internal company wide events were going to occur in the future. This page was also displayed on the home page. 

“The Employee Highlights” dropdown consisted of secondary navigation that featured anniversaries, new employees, and transfers.

“ATPCO Share your Story!” Consisted of an embedded contact form with questions asking employees if they want to have their story shared on the site. If they submitted the form, I would take their responses and put them on the website in the proper category. If the information needed to be promoted, I would create a slide for the monitors to promote the information to the company. These monitors could be viewed in five different places throughout the building.

Promotion of the Skylines Site

Promotion of the Skylines internal communications site included an email banner sent to the company and a graphic slide featured on the monitors throughout the building. The image featured was produced from combining two different photos of the same image. The idea was to have the city skyline be daytime on the left side and nighttime on the right side. I used Adobe Photoshop to create these designs. 

Workplace Solution Bar Announcement Graphics

I created these graphics for a company wide announcement for the IT department. They wanted to promote the new Workplace Solution Bar, which was a support desk located on the fourth floor of the building. An employee submitted the content she wanted displayed to the form under the navigation tab “ATPCO Share your Story!” on Skylines and I was tasked with displaying the information in a visually appealing way on the website, monitors, and email that was sent to the company. This is just one example of the work that I did along with the site. The program I used to make the designs for the Workplace Solution Bar graphics was Adobe Illustrator.