Mountain View Heights Website Redesign Project

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This website redesign project was for one of my classes. I redesigned the logo, color palette, and entire website via Adobe Muse.

I have proposed to complete a redesign of the Mountain View Heights website, an apartment complex owned by Matchbox Realty, a company based in Harrisonburg near James Madison University. Mountain View Heights was in dire need of a website and branding redesign. The content on the current site is not displayed in a proper manner, the fonts are different sizes, and the colors are not visually appealing. Overall the site is not user friendly and is very unappealing to any potential residents that wish to live in the Mountain View community.

My objectives for this redesign project was to research the Mountain View Heights website, locate the areas of the site that needed work, use the applications Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Muse to design the site, and launch the project website under my domain name.

** Please note the redesigned site is not mobile friendly, but is tablet responsive!

The Process

Adobe Muse Video watched on with completion certificate.

The design process for the Mountain View Heights logo and the final logo with the social media icons I developed for the Mountain View Heights website created in Adobe Illustrator.

The outline for the Mountain View Heights website sketched out on my drawing pad.

Creating the Mountain View Heights Website in Adobe Muse.

The home and the gallery pages of the redesigned Mountain View Heights website.

FileZilla, the application used to conduct the file transfer protocol.

About the Process

   My first steps toward this project included contacting Brian Cowger, the Matchbox Realty and Management Services Manager, through email. Brian provided me with resourceful information to further my understanding on what platform to use to make the site.

  After receiving this information, I decided I was going to use Adobe Muse, the same application used to create the original website. I went to, an educational site, and watched an instructional video on how to design a website. The video allowed me to further my research and knowledge on this specific platform.

   Before steps could be taken to design, I had to decide what color palette and typefaces I would like to use for the website and logo. I experimented with multiple typefaces and designs in Adobe Illustrator to create the icons and logo for the site.

  Adobe Muse was the main application used for the creation of this website redesign. I referenced sketches I created in a drawing pad as a guide for the site and placed the content where I thought it be appropriate and applicable. This helped me visualize in advance what I wanted the site to look like before creating it.

  The design colors of the website are based on the couch colors in the picture of the living room on the home page. These colors match the look and feel of the site and went well with the design.I changed the overall visual appeal of the site with the exception of not creating a new residence portal. For simulation purposes, I incorporated screenshots of the Tenant WebAccess portal in my redesign.

  My last step for the completion of this redesign project was to upload the created files to my personal domain using the application FileZilla, a file transfer protocol software. I did not encounter any obstacles when completing this website redesign project because I taught myself how to use these applications in addition to learning them in my previous Media Arts and Design courses. To further the completion of this project, all that remains is to contact Brian Crowger and offer him the site for commercial use. My potential goal for this redesign project was that this site has an impact on any potential and current residents, which specifically includes James Madison University students. Although the site has not been presented to anyone other than my class as of now, I still believe that I achieved my goal in making this site user-friendly and overall the project has been a success!

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